Amanuensis Monday: The Will of James Critchlow (Sr.)

(Transcription is line-by-line and done to the best of my ability. Note: this was edited to correct the typo of the word “dollars” on the bottom of page 2 but all other misspelled words are as they appear to be written in the original.)

James Critchlow (1754-1834)Critchlow Will 1

Critchlow Will 2(Page 1)

In the name of God Amen I James Critchlow of Butler

Township County of Butler and State of Pennsylvania

being weak in Body but of Sound memory and Understand-

ing Praised be to God for the Same and considering

the Ceartainty of Death and the uncertainty of the time

thereof and being desirous to Settle and adjust my

worldly business, and Estate before I am called hence

and be no more, do therefore make and declare this my

last Will and testament in manner following to wit

And first I Commend my Soul to God that gave it

and my Body to the Dust to rest in hope until the

day of final Redemtion resting on the merits and

mediation of Jesus Christ for my Justification

and acceptance before God –

I will that all my Just Debts that Shall by me

owing at my Death together with all my funeral

expenses and all charges touching the proving or

otherwise concerning this my Will That in the first

place be paid out of my personal Estate the residue of what

namely all my Household goods farming utensils livestock

finally all my moveable property chattels go to my [unreadable]

and loving wife and my children David Jane and Elenor

(who is Deaf and Dumb) together with my farm house

Improvements appurtenances & not including in

tracts hereafter Discribed willed to my Sons

James and Archibald, and my wife Mary shall

all the proper rents in income of the aforesaid farm

and moveable property under her direction and

contract during her natural life for her Support

Critchlow Will 3(Page 2)

and the Support and maintainance of the

aforesaid David Jane and Elenor my Deaf and Dumb

Children and it is my will that what remains of

the moveable property and the income of the farm

Shall remain for the Support of the Deaf and Dumb

Children in the hands or under the direction of

guardians chosen by my Said wife in her life and

by the Orphan’s Court and at the Death of the

last surviving of the Said children then the

farm or part of my tract aforesaid so remaining

I will to my two Sons James and Archibald

Giving my Son James the northeast side of my

farm by running a straight line through the lane

that now passes my House and Barn leaving

the lane to my Son James and the Building

attached thereto Also I will to my Son Archibald

the southwest side of my farm.

And to my Son James I will and bequeath fifty

acres of my tracts of land including his improvements

to be divided in the following manner to wit to

Commence in the northwest corner thereby

the west boundary to the creek adjoining William [name unreadable]

or Chew to the line of William Critchlow heirs thence

along Said Land to a [????] lot of land Sold to William

Critchlow in his lifetime by me thence by a straight

(????) giving the improvement to the northeast line

of my tract and to my Son Archibald I will

and bequeath fifth acres Acres bounded on the west

by my Son James on the south by the heirs

of William Critchlow on the east by Chew Land

and on the North by a paralel line with the

partition fence making an [word marked out] oblong

Square to include fifty acres and [blot] [????]

And to my two Daughters Marthan and Mary

I will and bequeath thirty Dollars each to be

Critchlow Will 4(Page 3)

paid them by my two sons James

and Archibald at my wifes

Death James to pay Martha and Archibald

to pay Mary and I make and ordain my

Sons James and Archibald and John Scranton

Executors of this my last Will and testament

In testimony whereof I have set my hand

and Seal this third day of June A.D. 1830

Signed, Sealed and                          his

Acknowledged in             James  X  Critchlow                     (seal)

Presence of                                        mark


John Scranton


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